crash test

Chinese cars and Tesla smashed in independent crash tests in Europe

According to the results of crash tests, most of the cars participating in the tests were able to score five safety stars. The European independent organization Euro NCAP has published… Read more
Porshe G-Power

G-Power takes the Porsche 911 Turbo S up to 800 hp

Porsche 911, the Turbo S is the wildest of the German model, with horses everywhere and more than remarkable performance. However, these are not enough for everyone and G-Power has… Read more
A new car brand OLYMP from Austria

A new car brand OLYMP from Austria will appear on the European market in 2023

The European car industry is regularly pleased with new models, but there have not been any new brands in it for a long time. The Olymp Cars brand from Vienna,… Read more

Intel will focus on manufacturing chips for the automotive industry

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger spoke at the IAA Mobility 2021 auto show in Munich. He said that the corporation intends to help automakers during the global chip shortage and will… Read more

Volvo’s electrified change of heart

Volvo is setting a precedent for change: the Swedish car manufacturer has announced that from 2019 the only new cars brought to market will be powered by electricity. Either as… Read more

Cars as art objects

Even if everyday life without a car is almost inconceivable, cars are not universally loved — they polarise opinion. For some they’re polluters of the environment and overly ostentatious status… Read more

Daimler strengthens the “last mile”

The collaboration is followed by the investment: Daimler is embarking on providing finance for its company Starship Technologies, known for its delivery robots. Last year saw the successful announcement of… Read more

“Many innovations are unsustainable” or: “The perfect car? Living room on wheels “

Professor Michael Braungart, scientific director of the Hamburg Environmental Institute, on recycling, the need for ecological rethinking in industry, and his vision of the ideal car. Mr. Braungart, since 1982… Read more

Fine-tuning E-mobility

What good is the flashiest electric vehicle – sitting at the side of the road with a flat battery? Lack of range and poor charging infrastructure are the biggest problems… Read more

German and European automotive industry in a state of flux

“The success of German automotive manufacturers (OEM) will, in future, depend not ‘only’ on the market success of the so-called ‘premium vehicles’, but also on the products that they use… Read more