What is the “Rescue Code” QR code that can save your life in case of a car accident?

What is the "Rescue Code" QR code

The “rescue code”, which is now directly integrated by some car manufacturers, grants access to the layout of your vehicle. When stuck onto the windshield, it enables emergency responders to save time during rescue operations.

In situations where time is critical, technology can make a difference between life and death. In the event of a car accident, every second counts, and the priority of firefighters is to locate and extract the victim as quickly as possible. In a recent TF1 report, non-commissioned officer Isabelle from Sdis 78 demonstrates a simple gesture that can save valuable time: scanning a QR code affixed to the windshield. Instantly, she has access to a detailed overview of the car, including the battery’s position, seat position, and, most importantly, the location of the gas cartridges that activate the airbags.

the "Rescue Code" QR code

The “rescue code” is now a standard feature on all new cars from Renault-Dacia, and a similar device is also offered by Mercedes. These seconds saved here and there can add up to minutes, ultimately increasing the chances of survival for accident victims.

There is no legal requirement for a “rescue code” to be installed in your vehicle. However, it is possible to purchase them. They are sold in pairs, with one placed on the front and the other on the back. The first one should be positioned on the lower right corner of the windshield, while the second should be placed on the lower left of the rear window, between the defrost lines. Once installed, you will need to scan them with your smartphone and fill in the necessary information. Some websites sells the device for €19.90.

Another device for electric car lights

Electric vehicle fires pose a unique challenge for firefighters as they require longer time to extinguish, making it more difficult for them to respond. To address this challenge, engineers at Renault have developed a system that aims to simplify the process. Claire Petit-Boulanger, an expert in tertiary security at the company, explains that the system is an oval piece that measures around ten centimeters in length and is placed beneath the rear seats, where the battery is located. If the vehicle catches fire, the system will melt due to the heat, creating a hole that firefighters can then inject water into directly to extinguish the fire.

The device saves firefighters valuable time

Currently, there is no other way to extinguish electric vehicle fires except by using the device developed by Renault engineers. This innovative device can help contain the fire within just ten minutes. Without this device, firefighters may have to remain on the scene for up to two or three hours, waiting for the battery to burn out. Christophe Lenglos, intervention adviser for emergency situations involving Renault group vehicles, explains that while battery fires are rare, the more electric vehicles there are on the road, the higher the likelihood of encountering such incidents.

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