A mockup of LG's vision for the customer experience in future autonomous vehicles

Will Autonomous Driving Lead to Increased Opportunities for Self-Care with Heated Massages, AI Counseling, and In-Car Entertainment?

LG has unveiled a futuristic vision for autonomous vehicles (AVs), one that emphasizes the potential for passengers to enjoy “me time” while on the move. After a taxing day at… Read more
EU transport policy to continue green trajectory post-Fit for 55

EU Transport Policy to Maintain Eco-Friendly Course After Fit for 55

After the inception of the “Fit for 55” package in July 2021, which outlines the European Commission’s strategy to achieve a 55% emissions reduction by 2030, the focus has been… Read more
BMW M3 that can change the color

BMW Set to Ramp Up Production of Color-Changing Cars

Prepare for Astonishingly Dynamic Car Exteriors BMW’s innovative approach to car customization is taking a leap with its filed patents. The company is exploring the use of decorative film that… Read more
A woman stands next to a red electric car as it’s connected by a charging cable to a street charger.

My Electric Car: A Love Affair That Revolves Around Charging

Motivated by the Global Climate Crisis Akiko Hara, a writer and speech therapist, originally from Japan, has been residing in Vancouver since 1995. Today, she shares her personal experience as… Read more
What is the "Rescue Code" QR code

What is the “Rescue Code” QR code that can save your life in case of a car accident?

The “rescue code”, which is now directly integrated by some car manufacturers, grants access to the layout of your vehicle. When stuck onto the windshield, it enables emergency responders to… Read more
Volkswagen ID. 2all

Volkswagen’s electric hatchback, the ID.2, bids farewell to its previous “fishy” design and touch buttons

Volkswagen has introduced the concept hatchback, ID.2all, as part of its ID subcompact lineup. Set to hit production in 2025, this electric vehicle is expected to be priced below 25,000… Read more
Mini Electric 2024

More Range For The Next Electric Mini

The upcoming electric Mini is anticipated to provide a range of approximately 400 km. The release date for the model is projected to be in spring 2024, possibly as a… Read more
Cupra Terramar

Eight questions about the future of the automobile

The automotive world is experiencing a turbulent time as a result of the combination of different factors. In the first place, the arrival, as a consequence of the pandemic and… Read more
Ford presented electric strategy

Ford presented us with its new 100% electric strategy (but not only) by 2030

Radical makeover for the American manufacturer as it unveils its global strategy for the years to come. Between electrified range and customer experience, here’s Ford’s agenda through 2030. In the… Read more
Cupra reveals pre-production Tavascan in the Metaverse

Cupra reveals pre-production Tavascan in the Metaverse

But the company did not disclose the premiere date of the serial crossover In 2019, the Cupra arch, which grew out of the Seat family of sports cars, unveiled a… Read more