A woman stands next to a red electric car as it’s connected by a charging cable to a street charger.

My Electric Car: A Love Affair That Revolves Around Charging

Motivated by the Global Climate Crisis Akiko Hara, a writer and speech therapist, originally from Japan, has been residing in Vancouver since 1995. Today, she shares her personal experience as… Read more
What is the "Rescue Code" QR code

What is the “Rescue Code” QR code that can save your life in case of a car accident?

The “rescue code”, which is now directly integrated by some car manufacturers, grants access to the layout of your vehicle. When stuck onto the windshield, it enables emergency responders to… Read more
Cupra Terramar

Eight questions about the future of the automobile

The automotive world is experiencing a turbulent time as a result of the combination of different factors. In the first place, the arrival, as a consequence of the pandemic and… Read more
Abarth 500e electric motor

Abarth showed the first 500e electric car with a bright appearance and soundtrack

The company considers it the most successful Abarth, or “More Abarth than ever” Abarth has unveiled the 500e, a “heated” hatchback based on the Fiat of the same name, which… Read more
Peugeot Inception Concept

Peugeot Inception Concept heralds a new era for the brand’s electric vehicles

At the Paris Motor Show, Linda Jackson announced a new concept that will be officially unveiled in the coming weeks. The Peugeot Inception Concept is a foretaste of the new… Read more
Porsche Taycan

Porsche offers software update for all Taycans

While worldwide more than 75,000 Porsche Taycans, all variants combined, have been sold, the sports brand from Stuttgart is offering them a software update. This is to allow customers to… Read more

Last mile parking garage

Amazon, Zalando and Co. are not only changing our buying behaviour. The increasing e-commerce in all sectors – from food to raw materials for production – is creating the need… Read more

Volvo’s electrified change of heart

Volvo is setting a precedent for change: the Swedish car manufacturer has announced that from 2019 the only new cars brought to market will be powered by electricity. Either as… Read more

Safe roads, unemployed truckers

A journey of almost 200 km, a cargo of 50,000 beer cans – and no driver. With a spectacular test run the taxi provider Uber has led the way in… Read more

Just take off

Cars that morph into ships and carry on sailing on the water are old hat — but always create a stir. Cars that simply take off are futuristic but they… Read more