A new car brand OLYMP from Austria will appear on the European market in 2023

The European car industry is regularly pleased with new models, but there have not been any new brands in it for a long time. The Olymp Cars brand from Vienna, Austria, has decided to remedy the situation and is planning to start producing its own cars from the spring of 2023.

The basis of all Olymp Cars models will be the original platform called Hephaistos. This is a modern, scalable architecture that can easily be adapted to different classes of cars with different sized batteries.

The “firstborn” of the new brand will be the Hermes electric car, equipped with a 350-horsepower engine and a high-capacity battery, one charge of which will be enough for 700 kilometers (it is still unknown what cycle it will be measured by).

In the future, Olymp Cars also plans to release a 4.8-meter Ares electric SUV with a range of at least 600 kilometers, Apollon and Athena sedans, Artemis electric pickup, Hera electric family van and Selene compact electric city car.

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