Skoda introduced the second “charged” electric crossover The Enyaq RS iV has been added to the line of RS models

Skoda has added the Enyaq RS iV electric crossover to the range of RS models. Technically, it is identical to the Enyaq RS Coupe iV already presented, that is, it is equipped with two electric motors and a battery with a capacity of 82 kilowatt-hours.

From standstill to “hundreds”, the electric car accelerates in 6.5 seconds, and its maximum speed is 180 kilometers per hour. The standard equipment of the model includes matrix headlights, a grille with illumination, a lowered suspension and multimedia with a 13-inch touch screen.

The Enyaq Coupe iV, which debuted at the beginning of the year, was the first of Skoda’s electric cars to boast the RS badge. Now the usual Enyaq iV has the same one in a more practical SUV body. The “charged” crossover was officially added to the RS lineup, although it was announced two years ago. Enyaq RS Coupe iV and Enyaq RS iV are technically identical. And even acceleration to a hundred takes them the same 6.5 seconds.

The model is equipped with two electric motors with a combined output of 306 horsepower and 460 Nm of torque. The traction battery has a capacity of 82 kilowatt-hours and provides a range of up to 500 kilometers. A low drag coefficient of 0.265 helps reduce energy consumption. Charging the battery from 10 to 80 percent takes 36 minutes, provided that the car is connected to a 135-kilowatt speaker.

Standard on the crossover are 20-inch wheels, a lowered suspension (15mm front and 10mm rear), matrix headlights and a luminous Crystal Face grille with 131 LEDs. Inside, there is a 13-inch touchscreen and a 5.3-inch “virtual cockpit”, which can be supplemented with an augmented reality projection display. There are two finishing options: with seats made of artificial suede or leather.

The cost of the Enyaq RS iV is not yet known. Now the most expensive version of the crossover – 80x SportLine Plus – is estimated at 51,765 pounds (3.6 million rubles), while the coupe Enyaq RS Coupe iV is offered for 54,370 pounds (3.8 million rubles). Apparently, the usual Enyaq RS iV will be a little cheaper than the cross-coupe.

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