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© Mobileye

Silicon Valley has run out of laser sensors. There is only one company producing LiDAR technology as the the sensors are called: Velodyne. It is located south of San Francisco, and it quadrupled its gross revenue to 176 million euros within a single year due to the large demand. However, Velodyne is still too small to be able to produce on a large scale, and it prefers to supply US automobile manufacturer Ford and the Chinese internet group Baidu. Both have invested millions in Velodyne.

Israeli start-up supplies technology of the future

According to the Boston Consulting Group, 40 billion euros will be spent worldwide on autonomous vehicles in 2025. As a result of the high demand, there is now a six-month waiting time for the production of sensors. For this reason, the internet group Google has already set up its own laser production, as has vehicle provider Uber. Tesla, on the other hand, is relying on different safety technology such as cameras and radar.

In this regard, there is a new global player in the starting blocks in the shape of Mobileye that has to be taken seriously. The Israeli automotive supplier has been working since 1999 on using camera technology to make driving safer. Chip manufacturers Intel have also recognised the significance of the development and have recently bought the company from Jerusalem for 14 billion euros. This is the biggest deal to date in the Israeli technology sector.