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It’s more than just your charging cable. Electric cars also interface with the outside world when it comes to wireless charging and data networking. Binding standardisation of these interfaces is a crucial prerequisite of advancing electromobility in Germany. “Standards open up the market. They provide investment security and form the basis for the market expansion of electric vehicles”, explains Professor Henning Kagermann at the 2017 Hannover Trade Fair.

Kagermann is Chairman of the National Platform for Electromobility (NPE) and President of the German Academy of Science and Engineering (acatech), and he presented the “German Standardisation Roadmap for Electromobility 2020″ at the Fair. He spoke about the need for a “radical mobility change” and emphasised the importance of electromobility. Technology trends such as networking facilitate new, data-driven business models. This puts pressure on businesses to change, according to Kagermann, and as a result the market as a whole can change. Complementary innovators from different markets such as automotive groups and data companies come together on platforms. “But platform markets have their own laws and need to be regulated.” Further technical preconditions for the spread of electromobility are the establishment of the fast mobile standard 5G and development of new models for man-machine interaction.

Simple charging throughout Europe

The standardisation roadmap summarises the current status of developments. Work on the standards for a uniform charging plug throughout Europe and uniform requirements for charging interfaces have been successfully completed. Future challenges include higher power charging and a uniform authentication concept to facilitate simple charging throughout Europe.